Time & Labor Management

Our Time & Labor Management solution offers a full set of easy to configure, fully-integrated, back-office tools that reduce costs, streamline related business processes, and help boost revenue.

The robust feature set, encompassed within five modules, includes numerous time & labor management functionalities to meet the specific demands of any organization.

  • Fast and accurate time and attendance data capture from various Web timesheet formats and virtually any data collection terminal, including biometric and wireless devices
  • Create as many daily schedules or schedule cycles as required to ensure adequate coverage based on skill requirements, while minimizing payroll expenses and improving overall customer service levels
  • An easy-to-use online wizard addresses a broad range of policies and procedures, allowing service providers to define and configure business rules and associated workflow
  • An automated time-off request tool allows employees and managers to view balances, historical data, and time-off calendars, with the ability to also display certain alerts (such as potential negative balance)
  • Customize more than 40 automated e-mail notifications related to employee accounts, accruals, timesheet changes, reward points, and time-off requests
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